Our Services

We provide business consultancy, expert advice, career planning


CSi is constantly investing to improve its state-of-the-art knowledge not only in the domains of its core expertise but also in advanced technological areas that would potentially create new business activities, enhancing its service offering.

What do consultants do?

Collaborate with our clients to not only innovate but execute and create tangible value.

Technical Writing, Documentation, Consulting & Training

A Technical Documentation Consultant does exactly what the definition states, with the focus on developing technical documentation. It is true that developing documentation is not “intuitive” nor can it be successful when left for the end of the project. It needs to be planned, resourced, executed, and monitored. And, it is must be compatible with the schedule, the budget, the resources, and the technical design.

Regional Development And Innovation

Analysis, Design, Implementation and Management of Developmental and Integrated Programs and Projects. Development Studies. Local Development Programs, Preparation of Business Plans. Implementation of strategies of innovation development.

Advisory Services In The Private Sector

Strategic and Functional planning for enterprises and organizations. Preparation of Business Plans for incorporation of enterprises in Financing Programs (e.g. National Strategic Reference Framework, Law for Development, etc.) and modernization of enterprises with the use of new technologies

Financial Consulting

Services on issues of Management and Planning of programs, Qualitative Control of financial Works, Cost accounting and full monitoring of works. Diagnostic and Feasibility studies.

Informatics and Technologies

Preparation of technical specifications for the implementation of informatics programs. Technical support and management during the project implementation. Advisory services on issues of Teleworking, Networks (Internet, Intranet, Extranet), Multimedia, Solutions of Smart Enterprising, Training and transfer of know-how.


Services of planning and application of integrated programs of corporate communication and public relations

International Collaborations and Programs

Advisory services, technical aid and implementation of projects in the following sectors: Research, Technological Growth, Education and Training, Information Technology, International Relations and Regional Development.

Education and Training

Actions of Professional Training, Applications of Information Technology in Training and Applications of Open and Distant Learning

Research and Development

The company provides solutions of RTD in sectors as: Electronic Governance, Systems of knowledge management, Platforms of Teleworking and electronic education, Grid computing, Architecture of Services (SOA), Electronic trade.

Activities Outsourcing

Focused towards helping Organizations towards Capacity Building

Sales, Sourcing, Investment Projects

CSI supports the management and the operational staff of its clients to implement their strategies for growth in external markets. We structure, guide and give practical support to your sales, purchasing and investment activities in the Pakistan. Our local expertise helps you to reduce costs, minimize risks, to focus on your core activities and to implement projects more smoothly and efficiently.