About Us

We provide business consultancy, expert advice, career planning

Consulting Sertvices International

CSi is a privately-owned Consulting firm founded in 2013 by high qualified consultants that is a leading ICT & Professional Services Provider and Advisory & Documentation Services for medium to large sized customers

CSi specialties includes multi-vendor consulting services, including architecture design, integration and installation, legal and organizational solutions along with client training, support, and on-site services.

CSi has expanded by recruiting and retaining highly educated and specialized professionals that are building a unique experience through the implementation of technologically advanced IT service.

CSi is committed to conducting Honest business with our valued clients, striving to provide the best professional services to achieve top quality performance. We promote Responsible practices in business and with in our firm, respecting each other and recognizing the importance of Trust.

CSi offers practical support to the management and operational staff of companies to implement their strategies for international expansion.

We structure, guide and implement your sales, purchasing and investment activities in challenging and fast-moving markets. Make use of our expertise, commitment and rapidly developing network in the Pakistan including Kashmir, Gwadar and Gilgit! Over 20 registered Consultants, Commercial Agents and Executive Managers share the same motivation and are fundamentally committed to our Clients' success in a chosen market. They are experts in the markets, industry sectors and business areas that are reflected in Our Services

CSi can be involved on a full or part-time basis for a given project, providing advice and hands-on support. CSi Executive Managershave a proven track-record as managers with top international companies and are looking for new challenges to support your international operations.

CSI's Principles

We aim at building a better world.
We foster each country’s particular strengths.
We link developing and developed countries. We link business and government.
We provide services for for developing business.
We believe in transparency.
We are creative.
We do not accept the limits set by others.



We have put together a team consisting of some of the industry’s top professionals, who hold a vast array of industry qualifications and operational experience to ensure CSi is best placed to identify individual client requirements. Because of our multi-disciplinary capability, CSi can offer fully integrated delivery teams to both local and international customers.

CSi boast a wealth of large project experience, project management, data management, planning and quality management skills. The multi-faceted skill set provides the company with the opportunity to be truly innovative and transfer experience and techniques across discipline boundaries.


Relationship Centered

We are resourceful at connecting people and ideas. We believe in creating meaningful, purposeful, and long-lasting relationships that are based on the highest standards of ethics and authentic enthusiasm for people’s success.

Relentless Learners

We are intrinsically motivated to foster and develop a thirst for learning in ourselves and others. We have an ambitious drive to find new solutions and add value for our clients, our company, ourselves and our communities.

Creatively Disciplined

We value the freedom and encouragement to think creatively and share innovative ideas in a self-directed and team-supported environment. We are disciplined and accountable, which enables ideas to be implemented and goals achieved.

Outcome Driven

We strategically align our actions to achieve measurable results. This allows us to be proactive and dedicated in reaching our goals and help others reach theirs.

Additionally, our team celebrates diversity. In fact, CSi officially certified as a LGBT Business Enterprise.

Whenever you’re ready to talk, give us a call. We would love to take you out for coffee to discuss your needs in a no-pressure environment. Get out of your office for a new perspective!

It’s ok to admit that you can’t do it all on your own. With our guidance, you can learn how to improve your business, your team and yourself.